Error code on UKC1 TFT display and how to deal with it!

For the ebike kit with UKC1 TFT display, there are 7 error codes. Understanding the error code's meaning can help you to solve the problem

1, 0X40H----Motor Hall Sensor communication problem

2, 0X30H---- Communication problem between the TFT display and controller

3, 0X20H---- Throttle problem

4, 0X10H---- Controller Problem

5, 0X04H - 0X08H ---- Battery is under voltage

6, 0X02h ---- Brake lever abnormal 

7, 0X01H ---- Motor Phase problem


How to deal with it

We need to understand one thing, when there is an error, no matter what code, the first thing, check all the wire connections and see if all the connections are all well.

1, 0X40H code. this means the motor hall sensor problem. first you can check the wire connecting of the hall sensor between the motor and controller, Normally it is the white box connector. you can disconnect them. then check every pins inside the white connector and see if there is any pin bent, if there is, please straight them and reconnect it again. After all this done, if the error code disappeared and the system works, the problem fixed. And if the error code is still there and the system cannot work. Then you need to replace a new hall sensor for the motor. If it is 3000W motor, normally it has double hall sensors. You just need to plug the backup hall sensor. That's ok. For the motor which without double hall sensor, please check our other post about how to replace the hall sensor for hub motor.

2, 0X30H code. This error code happens the most. Partly because the mis-operation when you first operate the system. If you connect it wrongly when you modify the controller wirings (normally each connector on the our controller is different from each other, you cannot connect them wrong if you don't do any modification, That's why we don't recommend you to do any modification about the controller wires.), then you connect the battery power, it will burn the controller or display. So this error code 0X30H comes. 

When it shows error code 0X30H, you need to check if it is the controller problem or Display problem or both of them are broken. there are several ways to test.

a), Use the display replacement connector. Normally each of our ebike kit comes with a small part called display replacement connector, please check the picture below. Please disconnect the display from the controller, then use this small parts instead to connect with the controller and see if the system work by this way. If it works, then it is the display broken and controller is good. If does not work. it is the controller broken or problem both of them broken.

LCD or TFT display replacement

b). Test the display. If you don't have this display replacement connector or lost it, you can use a meter to test the red and black cables from the display connector and see if there is voltage or not. if there is voltage, the display is good. if no voltage, the display is broken. if you don't have a meter, just connect the red and black cables from the display connector to the battery directly and see if display work or not. if it works, the display is good. and if it does not work, the display broken. or both of the controller and display broken.  please check the following video about how to do it

c), Test the controller. After you did the above tests, found the display broken. But however it does not mean the controller is good. you also need to test if the controller is good or not. It is very simple. Just use a meter to connect it with the red and black cables on controller connector, and see if there is voltage or not, if there is voltage, the controller is good. if there is no voltage, the controller broken. please check the following video how to test it.

 3, 0X20H code. It is the throttle problem. Normally throttle is seldom broken. if there is error code, please check the connection between the controller and throttle, especially the small pins inside the connectors. if you checked everything and every connection is good, the error code is still there. Then change a throttle.

4, 0X10H code. it is the controller problem. the controller broken.

5, 0X04H-0X08H code, battery is under voltage. it means the battery is not powerful enough to run the motor. you need a correct voltage and bigger amperage battery.

6, 0X02H. Brake lever problem. Brake lever is seldom broken. please check the connection between the controller and brake lever. especially those small pins inside the connectors. and also you need to make sure the brake is totally back its position. please check the following video to show this situation.  

 7, 0X01H code. it is motor phase problem. 

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Please help if you can ihave a 08h power protect code. Ukc1 display is actually E08h power protect code. I was driving and noticed that the battery would suddenly discharge from 100% to 20% then go up 84% this a couple times then 2 days later fully charged battery 72v 32.1a with 80a bms I was driving bike shut down and error code mentioned above . When unplug the battery and plug it in again it reads 100 then hear a clicking sound from battery and then error code again and battery reads 20 when unplug battery test with multi meter reads 83.4 volts.


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